Megan Geach


Hi! I’m Megan


With over 15 years’ experience working within the photographic industry both here in Australia and in the UK.  My entire working history has been in the photographic industry, starting when I studied photography in my early 20's then working as an assistant photographer and then finally moving into producing, art buying. I have extensive experience with photography, digital, video, TVC’s requirements.

Working with clients to understand the needs of the brief and translate the clients wants and needs into high quality marketing campaigns. Briefing the team including; Photographers, Videographers, DOP’s, fashion stylists, interior stylists, art directors on the mood and style of each shoot.

Negotiating fees, usage, scout locations according to meet the client brief specifications. No two shoots are the same it could be I need to source a small black helicopter, a rare vintage car, a life size plastic shark or custom made neon lights all the while I ensure that this is all done within budget.

 Having worked with in both the photographic agency and creative agency worlds; I have built strong relationships within all facets of the photographic and fashion industries. I offer proven engagement; collaboration and negotiation skills and can build relationships with clients to achieve desired results. 

I pride myself on being a valuable addition to a photographic/creative team due to my ability to be enthusiastic, positive, organised and calm at all times, whilst always having a plan B up my sleeve.